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Building Bridges of Hope

A stable home helps our residents get adequate treatment and start on the path toward recovery.  BSL's supportive housing combines affordable housing with coordinated services to enable our residents to live as independently as possible.



Our mission is to provide supportive housing for women affected by mental illness, homelessness, trauma, and domestic abuse with services designed to encourage confidence, self-esteem, and independence.  


We are dedicated to bettering women's lives with resident-centered, recovery-oriented, supportive housing services and programs. 

Psychologist Session

Our Support for Women Encompasses Three Principles

The Housing

BSL provides supportive housing for adult women.  Our staff manage two 15-bed residences in San Diego and provide day programming for our residents. 

The Work

Residents are required to participate in community activities to promote independence. This typically takes the form of volunteer work, adult education courses, or seeking employment.

The Goal

Our goal is to provide vital services and programs to BSL so they can feel safe and obtain independence. BSL is a solutions-based program to help women get back on their feet with support.

Please support our mission
to help women gain
stability and independence.